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Minami Uonuma



I visited Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture in late February 2020. Minamiuonuma is famous for its delicious rice, which is closely related to the terrain and temperature. Surrounded by Mt. Hakkai and other mountains, the temperature difference between daytime and nighttime in summer is very large, creating optimal conditions for rice taste. And another reason is water. Minami Uonuma City, which is also one of Japan's leading heavy snowfall areas, is famous as one of Japan's leading heavy snowfall areas. Melting water from the mountains gives minerals and nutrients that are important for rice growth.The year 2020 I went was a record warm winter, with about one-tenth the amount of snowfall every year. I heard that in normal years, even in human villages, 2-3 meters are piled up, and there is a snow wall beside the road. I want to see the scenery, so I would like to visit this snow country again next year.

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