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Yakushima in white



Yakushima, which was registered as a World Heritage site in 1993, is an island famous for Jomon cedar including Jomon cedar, which is said to be 7200 years old. The island is about a thousandth the size of Japan, but there are 20 peaks over 1500m, including the highest peak of Kyushu, Mt. Miyanoura, and is also called the "Ocean Alps". The climate created by this topography includes the subtropical to subarctic regions, and the climate from Kyushu to Hokkaido can be seen on one island. In addition, the mysterious forests that occupy 90% of the island and unique ecosystems attract 1,500 species, and more than 70% of the plant species in Japan.

I was fascinated by the island for a few years, and visited several times during the harsh winter when there were few tourists and spent it in a quiet forest. The first photo records the process up to Jomon cedar and the top of Mt. Miyanoura.

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